Unwanted Critters

"So," you may be asking yourself, "what the hell's with that blog name?" Well, here's some things that have got to do with it. I hope it provides a clarification or two. And it's not just raccoons and opossums being the original crust punks. Before I begin, I wish to clarify that whenever I make … Continue reading Unwanted Critters


Socialism or Extinction: The Climax of the Anthropocene

The global climate crisis is the exacerbated progression of climate change, accelerated by unfettered global capitalist, imperialist interests which over-exploit both human and natural resources. Such features of this crisis include an increase of parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere, a distinctive rise in global temperatures and sea levels, wildly erratic, intense weather … Continue reading Socialism or Extinction: The Climax of the Anthropocene

Communists as Educators

Part of being a communist is the responsibility to convey - if asked - in concise form, what it is you are, what principles you uphold, and how you intend to accomplish the goals set out by those principles. Whether you are speaking with someone on the fence about your politics, or someone in complete opposition to them, you cannot afford to let them think for a moment you're making it up as you go along. This is assuming, of course, they are engaging with you in a good faith dialogue, and not, say, egging you on for the hell of it. Which happens far more often than not in modern discourse.

Arbeit macht frei: The New Becomes the Old Becomes the New Again

When the question is posited, “is the American justice system fair?” or, “is it too severe?” one can expect a multitude of answers ranging from various claims of nuance to hardline stances one way or another. The criminal justice system of the United States is, at its heart and by definition, an oxymoronic institution. Justice, as it is defined through the arbitrations of state actors, with all the trappings of the maintenance of an orderly society, has far more to do with the sustenance of the status quo as demanded by private industry and legislative bodies who gleefully alienate themselves from the population at-large through the rampant criminalization of ordinary life. By carrying out this mission, the criminal justice system proves time and time again that it exists almost exclusively to tend to the needs of the ruling classes, and to keep society’s most disenfranchised and dispossessed in a near-constant state of precarity. There are a number of reasons why the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, AKA the Nazi Party of fascist Germany were inspired by the U.S.’s tactics, and chief among them was how the so-called “justice” system functioned: it provided an endless supply of uncompensated slave labor, it accommodated the U.S. government’s desire to conveniently do away with certain “unwanted” sectors of the populace, and indefinitely fund an interconnected economy rooted in and fuelled by human suffering. In a word, the American justice system is not merely “too severe,” it is antithetical to justice as a concept.

On Natural Life Sentencing

My argument for the case against natural life sentencing, as part of the criminal justice system, is one aspect of a much larger argument against the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex and the carceral system as we know it. Mass incarceration in the United States has reached a scale which has no precedent in human history, and it is functioning by design to fulfill one goal: the accumulation of Capital. The argument presented herein is not one from a reformist slant, but abolitionist: the goal of the latter being to create an entirely new system focusing predominantly on restorative and rehabilitative justice, rather than the so-called justice found in the abject retributive cruelties of American prisons.

The Proletariat of the 21st Century

The history of all hitherto societies is that of the contradictions between classes, and the struggles between said classes, whereby one class imposes its collective will over another. In the case of capitalist societies, the bourgeoisie over the proletariat; in the case of socialist societies, the proletariat over the bourgeoisie. This is not to say … Continue reading The Proletariat of the 21st Century

The ‘Progressive’ Empire: A call to action

On the Ban of Transgender Persons from Service in the United States Military 27 July 2017 Cambria York On July 26, 2017, POTUS Donald Trump issued the following statement through his Twitter feed: "After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender … Continue reading The ‘Progressive’ Empire: A call to action

The Speech I Got Arrested For (but not really)

Originally published 13 November 2016 As some of you may have heard, I’ve recently been released from being locked up in the men’s processing center of the Marion County Jail. Which, as a non-binary trans person with gender non-conforming proclivities, would not have boded well had I not had the company of good comrades nearby, … Continue reading The Speech I Got Arrested For (but not really)